To serve African/Black American working class women, men and families who are experiencing financial economic hardships. 

Who Are We

Passion Funding Purpose Inc., is a privately funded organization. 100% of our award funds are donated from Founder S. Elle Clark businesses "Elle Clark Solutions and Sippin Good". Every successful Real Estate transaction or purchase of Sippin Good products, proceeds are donated to Passion Funding Purpose Inc., to help Elle Clark's purpose in serving others in various financial assistance areas. 


Our goal is to ensure that we serve hardworking men and women who pursue life daily with passion and purpose, yet find themselves financially struggling with life’s basic essentials and needs. We strive to ensure that every recipient knows that their privacy is our priority, while assisting them in getting closer to their dreams, goals and financial freedom. Our vision is to build an organization and legacy that operates on the highest form of integrity. Our foundation ensures that recipients have a reliable resource that assist in helping you conquer the financial obstacles which can often times deter your dreams and drain you mentally and/or emotionally. We are an organization that recognize that in life, EVERYONE needs a friend to help you through tough times. All of our recipients have a friendship within us to assist where we can, in order to help you on your life journey. 



Teens - Young adults age 17- 25, in school or full-time employment: must present a need in education or financial hardship. PFP, will assist with tuition (must apply annually), book stipends, housing award, food stipend, college application fee(s). Young adults working full time but not in school: we will assist in apartment deposits, rental payments, utility connection fee(s), automobile down payments or monthly payments, medication/medical expenses (advance illnesses). 

Ages 26 and up: full time job or in school, recently lost employment (in last 6 months but actively seeking employment) but did not quit/resign (excluding harassment) nor was insubordinate. PFP, will assist with rent, mortgage, rental deposit, gift funds for real estate closings (first time homebuyers-owner occupant), automobile payments, bus passes, utilities, groceries and essentials, after-school care, daycare, school lunches, medication/medical expenses (advance illnesses). 

Passion Funding Purpose Inc., will assist with 20-100% of your financial need. Our award process is based on the monthly budget along with the number of applications received on a monthly basis.

Privacy: All information received by Passion Funding Purpose Inc., shall remain private and confidential. Our Organization does not sell nor share applicants information in any parts.



Applications are only accepted during the 25th-28th of each month. Applications received after the 28th of each month, will be reviewed during the following recipient award month. 

Ex: Applications received on 2/25, will be reviewed and processed for recipient award during 3/1-3/10. Applications received on 3/1 will be reviewed and processed for recipient award during 4/1 - 4/10.

Current Areas Covered: Clayton County, Georgia; Cobb County, Georgia; Dekalb County, Georgia; Fulton County, Georgia, Humphreys County, Mississippi

Donations: Passion Funding Purpose Inc., is a privately funded organization. As we would love to receive your gift to help advance more of the community, please check with us periodically as we will soon provide access to those who wish to privately donate or become a sponsor within our organization.