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Creative Mad woMEN is a d/b/a extension of Elle Clark Solutions brand that caters to small - medium businesses solving their brand needs. From business development, company scaling solutions, laying out your business idea to brand visual solutions. 

You have written out your dreams but cannot define your strategy to reach them. This feeling, leaves many potential business owners thinking their vision is impossible to achieve. Let's define your small business needs. 


BUSINESS ASSESSMENTS – will assist will on site shadowing at your location which in return helps to increase your company performance in a specific area that the Business Assessor specializes in (i.e marketing, finance, human resources etc.). 

BUSINESS DEVELOPER/MENT – focuses on all aspects of your business from “startup planning to next level growth. A business developer considers the analytical preparations and systems to help build a stable foundation for the company as a whole.  From restructuring a current operating business model by examining the day to day functions in order to offer a complete format and plan/proposal to increase the companies growth for longevity.

Staff Development/ Scaling/Customer Relations – provides one on one training with your staff that assist in better servicing your clients and potential customers.  Ensuring current staff is operating in their accurate position and fulfilling their role to its highest capabilities. We assist in providing the tools and protocols to handle customer relations concerns or issues that often take place in all companies. Our systems will ensure win – win results are formulated for the client and the company.

Operational Management Strategy– This area of strategy focuses on daily operations of the company workflow. With the proper staff in place and daily functioning system it aides to ensure the company staff, services, foundation of the company is operating to achieve profit and financial growth of the company.

-Brand Visual Solutions- Our team of Creative Women and Men, have decades of experience solving clients brand identity problems and/or creating company's brand identities. Our services include: marketing strategies, advertising campaigns, full graphic design services, website designs, content writing, social media advertising campaigns, full printed services including company apparel, voice-over(s), photography plus more. 


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